O Beautiful Mother – Ti Parthenos

Axia Ti Parthenos

O Beautiful Mother, Mary

The saint

The mother

The intercessor

The ever-virgin

The Mother of God

O Beautiful Mother, Mary

Thank you for all you do

Thank you for loving me

Thank you for caring about me

Thank you for protecting me

Thank you for hearing me when I call you

Thank you for praying for me

O Beautiful Mother, Mary

The Lady of all the ladies

An example of purity, love, and humility

The best example of obedience and submission

On this day, we remember you

The one who, for us, obeyed

The one who, for me, obeyed

The example of examples

The light in the darkness

The helper to the helpless

The gentle soul for the pained soul

The purest of the pure

O Beautiful Mother, pray for me

O Beautiful Mother, pray for us

Axia, Axia, Axia!

Maria Ti Parthenos

“I saw a miracle that appeared in heaven,

a woman is clothed with the sun,

and the moon also, was under her feet. 

Upon her head was a crown of twelve stars,

she being with child, cried out in labor,

and travail to give birth.

This is Mary, the new heaven on earth,

the Sun of Righteousness,

shines upon us from her.

For the Sun that is clothing her,

is our Lord Jesus Christ,

and the moon under her feet

is John the Baptist.”

A portion of the Thursday Theotokia (9) from Coptic Midnight Praises of Meshir 21, 1735

Saint Mary and Jesus


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