Mothers and Their Prayers

Biologically, we were all born from the wombs of our mothers. Yet, not everyone continues to have a relationship with their mom after they are born. Some lose their moms to death at an early age. Moms sometimes choose to leave their children. Some children choose to leave their moms once the children think that they can sustain themselves away from the bonds of family.

So, why do we care about mothers, besides the obvious reasons we may celebrate them on Mothers’ day?

Well, mothers in our modern society have a very heavy burden on their backs. They are meant to be well educated, work, take care of their children and husbands, and somehow manage to take care of their own wellbeing. Christian mothers have an even heavier burden, because they have to raise their children in contest against the tide of society towards immorality, extreme secularism, and the covert and overt hatred of God. The situation for single Christian moms seems almost impossible to handle, but I know there are many single moms out there who are heroes! Not only do they have to work, provide the basic needs for their children, manage their own wellbeing but also bear a general void of not having another person to support them when they are down. Sometimes, even when there is a husband in the picture, he can either be unsupportive or highly uninvolved in the issues that are facing his children or his wife. The wife ends up handling life almost as if she were a single mom. ***Please note that I am not criticizing husbands or men here, but rather I am recounting some realities of life that I observed about mothers all around me.

With all of these burdens in mind, mothers who are still there fighting for their kids have an almost “magical” power! They are prayer warriors.

I have witnessed how the prayers of mothers are very powerful, especially when they cry out of utter helplessness to God for their children. I like to think that the prayers of a mom for her child are like silent cheers…

Imagine a mother’s clasped hand, in front of her chin, while she is sitting in the stands at a volleyball game. Her daughter was selected to be in the game this time and she is so close to scoring for her team. The mother is silently cheering her daughter on; she doesn’t want to make a sound as not to distract her girl at that pivotal moment when all of her daughter’s focus needs to be on the ball. The mother silently cheers and hopes and thinks about how disappointed her daughter would feel if she doesn’t make it. The mom knows how sensitive her girl is despite the tough exterior…mama know everything! The girl scores, and the mom is jubilant!!! Laughter mixed with tears fills beautiful moment such as these. At the end of the game, the mom gives her daughter the biggest hug despite all the stinky sweat on her daughter jersey.

On the prayer front, moms are constantly praying silently for their children to pass their exams, for their health, to be good people, not to get hurt, etc…The most beautiful prayer from a mother is the one where she is pleading with God to protect them from sin and from forgetting Him. These prayers are very spiritual prayers. These are melodies on the ears of God: a mother’s prayer is powerful and she uses this power to ask for the salvation of her children! What love! I have gone through dangers and highly turbulent moments in my life, when had it not been for my mom’s silent prayers, I know I wouldn’t have survived. My mom tells me of certain instances now when I was being rebellious and how much she poured her heart out to God during those times. Looking back, I know that God saved me from so many dangers that I didn’t even know about! What I know today is that my mom was in the background praying and cheering for me to be safe at the end of my rebellion, specifically for my soul to be unharmed. I repeat, what love! How loving is it for someone to pray for your salvation and for the rescue of your soul from the entrapments of Satan?! I see these types of prayers as insurance prayers: no matter the physical, mental, or emotional harm that us children might inflict on ourselves away from God, our moms are prayers for our spiritual salvation in the background – they are praying for our eternity and not just our temporary lives here on earth.

Saint Mary and Jesus

The Holy Virgin Saint Mary, the Mother of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, our True God was a great example of silent prayer warrior. From the very beginning of what we read about her in the Gospels, silence is characteristic of Saint Mary. She kept things in her heart and prayed. Despite her knowledge of whom she was giving birth to, she didn’t utter a word of boasting about herself. She spoke the truth about who she was to St. Elizabeth in the Magnificat, but she didn’t praise herself or her accomplishments. She praised God. At the death of her Son on the Cross, Saint Mary did not compel Him to come down from the Cross. She knew what He is capable of doing, but she loved Him and was doing His will. She also loves us – because when her heart broke over our Lord, she knew that this was done so that we may have a second chance at eternal life. Ah…what a concept! She didn’t ask Him to spend more time with her. She didn’t rebuke the people who were killing Him right in front of her eyes. She was silently praying in her heart. She knew the goal of the Incarnation and she knew who she was: “…a handmaiden of the Lord…” She obeyed in silence and prayer. My feeble words could not possibly say any more to describe the greatness of the Holy Virgin Mary as a mother. But simply put, God chose her apart from all the women in the world to bear the Christ. Moreover, her example clarifies a certain humility and poise that moms have towards their children.

A mother who is convinced that her children are a gift from God does her absolute best to raise them in the Lord. She humbles herself in front of God in prayer knowing the dangers they are about to face. She trusts in His providence for her little ones. The world is an evil and turbulent place where kids go out to learn about sex, drugs, lying, cheating, rebelling against those who love them the most, being unnaturally independent of their parents, etc…What is a mom to do when her children are in danger? What about when they are in internal turmoil and there is no one who seems able to help them? What about when they absolutely don’t want to listen to any sound advice and take their own paths down destruction lane? A mother prays silently away from the children. She is cheering them on but from a distance, from the stands. There is One in whom her hope lies; He is God who created her children. Sometimes He seems to hear her cries and sometimes years go by and He seems to do nothing. The mother doesn’t cease from praying; her prayers are powerful and God hears every whisper, He carries every tear on His hand, and He understands every groan.

Saint Monica and Saint Augustine

Another great example of a saintly mother who did not cease to plead with God in prayer about her son was Saint Monica, the mother of him who became a saint himself, Saint Augustine. What does that mean, then? Do the prayers of saintly mothers produce saintly children? I want to say “Yes”; the Lord hears and knows the depths of the hearts of mothers. When they pray for their children to live in Truth, to seek the Truth, abide in everything that is True, to live God’s will for them, I believe that God delights in such prayers. The Lord wants all to be saved. If mothers don’t pray for their children from day 1, and even before they are conceived, who else will remember to pray for them right away? The prayers of a mother are the first petitions God receives on behalf of a person. They are powerful!

I want to tell all mothers that despite everything that might worry you about your children: YOU HAVE A SUPERPOWER CALLED PRAYER. Please keep praying for your children and for all the children to live Godly lives and to be sincere in their faith…collectively, we need your prayers very much!!!

Now, I am not saying that only prayers of mothers are heard, because that would be crazy! God hears all our prayers, but we all have to remember that He doesn’t need to obey our orders!!! All I am saying is that with everything going in today’s world, we need the prayers of our moms. Ask your mom to prayer for you. Ask your friends’ moms to pray for you! Ask any mom to pray for you! There is a certain poverty of heart that mothers have when it comes to their children, or other children who remind them of their own children – a soft spot and a bleeding heart. Our Lord needs to see these soft spots and bleeding hearts, because only then can He fix the problems inside. If we stay hidden behind a mask of “I got this, God”, He will not force His way through. Moms are good at exposing their hearts to God when it comes to their children.

woman in gray sweater carrying toddler in white button up shirt
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So, hug your mom and thank her for all her prayers. Ask her to keep praying for you. If she has already passed, thank her for all her prayers on your behalf to God when she was on earth and where she is at now. If she has left you for whatever reason, pray that God would hear those still small whispers of her heart when she remembers you.



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