A worthy time

In a fleeting moment
Your head is down
Your back is aching
Your body is falling part

You scream in silence, “Help!”
“God, help me! Why is this so hard?”
“Why does this road seem endless?!”
“God, make it better”
“I know You can”
“You can take my life in a second”

No more me

But that moment
That moment in the grind
It was all worth it!
It was all worth it!

You give and You take
But You mostly give

Thank You from the bottom of my heart
Thank You for every sleepless night
Thank You for every letter and word
Thank You for every conversation
Thank You for every smile
Thank You for every moment of mercy
Thank You for Your Grace!
Your never-ending, ever-giving Grace!

Baba, I love You!


close up of apple on top of books
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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