Brush it off…keep being you!

Sometimes, you might find yourself rejected from a certain job opportunity or let go from a job that you liked (or possibly didn’t like but thought you needed)! Then, after you are let go, part of you wants to beg and plead for them to take you back. Another part of you wants to scream at the people who rejected you to tell them, “Its your loss; you never deserved me anyways!!!” And, still, another part of you is thanking God because you’re actually going to be free from the snares of the people and “leaders” who do not appreciate you or what you have to offer.

Truly, as long as you know who you are and your value (and values!), no matter who rejects you or how many times you are rejected or let go, you are the winner. You win because you know that this defeat will never bring you down. You win because you know that you can use your potential somewhere much (much) more interesting and in line with your skills and strengths. Honestly, when you are rejected, this is a chance for you to flourish somewhere else, where the new job is going to be much more fulfilling, and you can become very successful.

So, when you find yourself rejected from a job or let go, brush it off! If you need to feel angry, do so, but don’t let the anger change who you KNOW you are. Your talents and strengths are always going to be with you as long as God permits, whether the people who let you go noticed them or not.

Sometimes, when we are rejected we feel that we have to “show them” who we are. Just be careful not to let yourself go down a rabbit hole to try to prove something or to please people who are un-pleasable. Never, ever, ever, compromise who you are to try to please someone who has made it up in their mind to reject you from the very first minute they saw you. If you try to please them, you will bury yourself and they will just watch from on top with their angry faces. Such individuals are just as unpleasant as they are unpleasable.

What you need to do after every single rejection of the professional type (and the personal type) is invest more in who you are and live true to your identity. Please God, but don’t please idiots. Live up to your potential and don’t think that you can do that by trying to go back to said idiots. Some people will always reject you no matter what you do – they have problems. Such people mainly hate themselves. They don’t hate you; in fact, they might even feel that you are competition for them and that’s why they rejected you in the first place. So, in that case, it was never that you were “unqualified” or “below average”, it is that you were actually about to kick them off of their high chairs and sit in their place (at least that’s what they imagined). They were scared!

Their jealously is an even stronger reason for why you need to keep being you – true to yourself. You are smart. You are talented. You are creative. You are very hard working. You love your job (the craft of it). You are qualified. That’s what scared them off in the first place. So, keep doing that! Keep being the successful and creative you by your measures and not by the measures of people who envy you. Keep being the hardworking and honest person that you have always been.

Finally, set in your heart this major idea:

The people who reject you have done you a favor because they saved you from their traps. So, thank them deeply from your heart. 🙂

Brush it off and keep being you!


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