Discrimination and Oppression Disguised Under Freedom

This is a different kind of article.

I am an individual who lives in a country. A country is nothing but the people who live in it and make it what it is. I am one of those people and I will speak.

I don’t typically engage in political conversations, because, frankly, ALL sides are highly corrupt and self-seeking, at least in “my opinion”. There is nothing more that I can contribute to their corruption by engaging – they ALL do a very good job of lying to, deceiving, and brainwashing the public. Honestly, what I am about to say may also be part of the brainwashing that happened to me during my schooling and indoctrination of “you are free and can express yourself, but if you do there will be consequences, negative ones. The rules say so.”

The worst and most sinister kind of organizational leadership is one where those who are under the rule of that leadership have an impression or view of themselves as being free, yet underneath this organizational screen, the people are actually discriminated and oppressed.

The United States is country full of resources that could help everyone live very happy and fulfilled lives, at least materialistically. Yet, now, the issue is not about materialism or capitalism – although resources in this country are being drained and prices are higher than ever. Leaders and those who are in power are money-hungry. But their hunger for money is not because money by itself can buy them happiness. We know of many rich celebrities who killed themselves because they were unhappy despite the excess money that they had. What makes money-hungry people happy is POWER!!! Money buys power. We can think of it like an equation:

↑ Money = ↑ Power

“With more power, comes more responsibility!” Right? WRONG! The way that the world is running these days is the more POWER means more OPPRESSION. So the equation becomes:

↑ Money = ↑ Power = ↑ Oppression

In countries of the West, where the people and their leaders applaud “freedom” as though everyone has freedom, this equation exists but no one pays attention to it. We just sit back and smile and say “Yay, Democrats!” or “Yay, Republicans!” or “Yay, Green Party!” or “Yay, Blah Blah!” We applaud a party with its own biases and own agendas, and then we give it more power (see equation above for the consequences of more power!)

Political parties make laws. Laws, even though they may increase the “freedom” of one group, they increase oppression of other groups. Excessive “lawification” of everything makes people rebel. Like, “can you make a law about how many times I should blink per day? I think that would help me ‘know my rights’, please!” Now, I am not talking about logical laws like, “Don’t drive in a red light,” because if you drive in a red light you are risking your life. I am talking about the laws that make working individuals suffer on a daily basis. I am talking about the pages and pages of laws and regulations that only make EVERYONE’s life harder. These laws give power to leaders to oppress those under them. Discrimination increases.

One simple example of this is that if your reading abilities are poor or, lets say, English just randomly happens to be your second language, you will simply not know your rights because you won’t be able to get through the endless pages of laws and regulations. So, hire a lawyer if you want to gain some right. Wait, but you’re poor, Ok…too bad, so sad.

Job ads have to state that the institution advertising the job doesn’t discriminate based on 1) Race 2) Gender 3) Religion…etc. No SHIT! (pardon my language). My response to this kind of nonsense is: #1) Yes, you DO discriminate based on all of the things listed, but you use laws to do so. If you don’t like someone because of any of these things, you try to catch them in a legal mistake that you would let go for another person of your favored race, gender, religion, etc. So, when you oppress and fire that person, you’re actually within the bounds of the law, right? Eh, no biggie! BUT YOU ARE STILL DISCRIMINATING! #2)Why should jobs EVEN have these kinds of statements posted in the first place? These statements are living proof that jobs do, or at the very least DID, discriminate based on these characters of humans. Why would they change all of a sudden after these statements get posted?!!! I wonder if people’s morals and biases change once the companies post these statements? It must be magic.

The joke that we are supposed to believe as true is that the United States is the Land of the Free. I am not saying that we are not free to dress as we wish, to eat what we wish (almost!), spend as much money as we wish (!), buy whatever we wish, or “say” whatever we wish. Yet, are we really able to do what we want and need?


To say that there is freedom in education in the United States is a joke. I won’t bring up statistics, sorry, this is an opinion piece. From the process of hiring Faculty and Administrative leaders to basic student needs like giving students a break when they have a disaster happening in their lives, there is no freedom. At every level, there are bottlenecks. Leaders of pre-K, K-12, junior colleges, four year universities, and graduate and professional institutions oppress those underneath them. I am sure there are exceptions, but those who are exceptions won’t stay in their leadership positions for long, because they probably have living consciences, which don’t work when they try to play the power game.

There are individuals who oppress others with their biases – this should become a fact. If we choose to deny this, we are signing up to stay blind; however, what can we do to change the biases of people? Hardly anything! So, the bigger lie becomes that we THINK we can change people from being racist to non racist in a second…really?! I used to trust my professors, superiors, and leaders. Now, I have no trust in anyone – I have actually met racist people. I used to think they didn’t actually exist and that was just the past. But until this very day, racists are everywhere!

Everyone seems to be looking out for their own back, especially when you begin to actually advance in your own career. The advancement of a disadvantaged individual is a “no no” because it poses a potential threat for the positions of the higher ups! Regardless of your qualifications or expertise, you are worthless of you don’t kiss up to the “higher ups” or if you try to actually become a true peer to them.  They are called “higher ups” because they have higher salaries and more power and more oppressive capacity. The same equation applies:

Higher Ups:      ↑ Money = ↑ Power = ↑ Oppressive Capacity


Healthcare IS THE field of the most amount of bottlenecks. There are bottlenecks everywhere in healthcare.

green wine bottle
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

For patients, there are bottlenecks placed by the healthcare workers from physicians and nurses to the person sitting at the front desk, the insurance, and the food and media industries. Yes, I said the food and media industries. For the doctors, there are bottlenecks from the day they decided to enter medical school until…well, the day they die. Doctors face bottlenecks when dealing with their superiors, their nurses and assistants, their patients, the money- and power-hungry insurance companies, and the government regulations. Doctors have to be half lawyers, half admins, half psychologists, half leaders, half this and half that and, yet, full doctors. So, each doctors needs to be at least three or four different people at the same time! The pressure is WAAAAAY too much, they will explode! The patients are going to explode. The medical students are going to explode. The professors of the medical students are also going to explode. Everyone is under an excessive amount of pressure because of competition and lack of team work and trust. No one trusts anyone, me included. Why should they? Everyone looks out for their own wellbeing and leaves everyone else stranded.

More and more fields can be discussed here, but I will refrain from doing so.

Who do the healthcare “industry” and the education “system” serve? Do they serve the public – like normal working people who are just trying to make a living to live a peaceful life? Do they serve the governments? Do they serve the insurance companies and the patent and malpractice lawyers? Who do they really serve?

When we don’t know who we are serving and when common goals are absent –  common success will also be absent. The whole country suffers when everyone is using their supposed freedom to mean self-serving and oppression of the other. That is the opposite of freedom. That is micro oppression or a network of oppression with the overall result saying “Freedom”. Individuals assume that freedom means that I look out for myself and I leave the others to suffer. The concepts of giving and sacrifice are practically disappearing (or have disappeared but I am a little late to the game!).

On paper, all is well, but in practice, the world is a different place. On paper laws make the United States seem like a place that preserves the rights of minorities and those who are historically oppressed. In reality, the world is a different place. On paper, companies make products that “serve” the people. In reality, the world is a different place. On paper, educators, leaders, doctors, lawyers, and more professional are not racist. In reality, the world is a different place.


We try to solve the problem of discrimination and oppression by raising the flag of “Coexist.” Coexistence means barely tolerating another person’s existence. Coexistence doesn’t mean harmony and doesn’t mean common goals – it doesn’t mean common success either. It might mean common failure when we barely coexist rather than thrive. Coexistence means that I will tolerate your presence just as long as you are much less successful than me. Coexistence means that your life is valuable just as long as it doesn’t get in my way.


Lack of true love and sacrifice, love of money and power, and the love of self will lead to more oppression. Oppression and discrimination will eventually make that pressure valves of people break! The world will become turned upside down (if it isn’t already…I am still a bit late to the game). The more that leaders discriminate and oppress, the more that people will rebel. So the equation becomes more grim…

↑ Money = ↑ Power = ↑ Oppression = ↑ Poverty = ↑ Crime = ↑ Hate = ↓ Coexistence

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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