The fittest survivors won’t escape death…time for some honesty!

My dear world, death is not a joke and it is not anything that all of your science and knowledge will EVER comprehend.

The world is an unfair place. People have grown greedy for money, fame, and all kinds of nonsense. The hilarious part is that they think that they are running after something meaningful. HA….HA…HA! Maybe they really think they are going to win a prize! That is very funny! Well, world, you are not running after a prize – all you are doing is getting closer to the day you will die.
The more greedy and oppressive you become, the more stone-like your hearts will become. You will have, indeed, then lost all meaning in your life. All of your running, greed, and oppression will bring you to your grave – lost and broken and most of all: dead.
Do you think you are better than death?! Well, think again, world!
My dear world, death is not a joke and it is not anything that all of your science and knowledge will EVER comprehend. Can you tell me really what makes a live cell different from a dead cell? No…really, please tell me? I want to hear all of your nonsense over and over again…please, I want to hear it! Evolution blah blah blah….there is no God blah blah blah…there is nothing after death blah blah blah…the big bang blah blah blah…all things are relative blah blah blah
Do you see what you are doing?
Here is what you are saying step-by-step:
1. There is no God (or God is cruel and a bad meanie).
2. Now we lost meaning…lets create our own meaning; i.e. our “own truths” whatever that means!
3. Science will save us! It will give us meaning again.
4. We are all just a bunch of chemicals and molecules…but no meaning really, just a “lucky accident”.
5. Ok…now we have to live together with other people. Lets make some laws.
6. Ok…now some people disagree with us. Lets make some more laws that discredit their disagreements with us regardless of who is right and who is wrong. It is all relative anyways, who cares about them, we want us to win so our rules rule!
7. Ok…lets enforce our laws and oppress those who stand in our way….I mean who cares, we are just a bunch of molecules and chemicals walking around – there is no actual law (i.e. there is no actual God or law-Giver. It is all man-made).
8. The smartest and strongest wins! It is race, stupid! If you are too slow, YOU LOSE, SUCKA!
9. Instead of actual morals and God-given commandments, we will make up this thing called “ethics” to shut-up all those religious weirdos. They are giving us such a headache!
10. Wait…why are things chaotic? Why are people killing each other mercilessly? Oh, what’s mercy again?! I think I learned that when I went to Catholic school as a child, you see, I am a “recovered Catholic” and I am proud of it! 😀
11. Oh, well…we will keep on being greedy, oppress the weak, and make sure only the “fittest survive”.
Do you see it? Why do you want to survive the competition of this life? Are you going to outsmart death? Can you show me some of your delicious evidence that someone ever outsmarted death?!
Hmmm…I know One! Do you know Him?


  1. Jesus outsmarted death…. You are right. May God open the eyes of these people. I pray that they may see. If only they knew the truth, they would be more involved with God. Hell fire is real, I hate to know that these people are headed there. May God help the situation and soften their hearts to receive the truth.


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