Powering Through the Goo (of discouragements and failures)

Discouragements are not a rarity in this life. We can often become discouraged over even the smallest things that don’t go our way or the way that we hoped they would go. Some discouragements are a result of personal failures…Yes, I said it…failures!

In the moments when you have failed or you feel that you have failed, life seems like a blobby goo! You are not sure about where to re-set your plans and you maybe afraid of more failure to come to you. You walk around trying to push through just to see what the other side of this situation of failure (or perceived failure) might take you.

The worst thing to do in these situations is to give up! That would be the WORST choice. The BEST choice, on the other hand, is to power through! If you are a believer of God, you need to send your heart into His hands and keep on going. There is no stopping you when you set your mind to power through because you want to get to other end!

Imagine being in a boat in the middle of a raging sea! The boat breaks for whatever reason. The reason could be a mistake that you made. Once you plop into that water in the middle of the sea, will you not try all you can do to get to shore and find rescue? I think that you would, unless you give up! What would giving up look like? It would be you just lying there in the water and not powering through. Giving up would be you waiting to be eaten by a big mean fish, even though had you swam even one mile away, you could have found rescue. Had you not given up, you would have lived.

So, today, if you are feeling discouraged for any reason, remember that moving forward is ALWAYS going to be the BEST choice over giving up. NEVER give up on yourself, your relationship with God, your relationships with others (unless those others are truly a negative influence on you, which means they will make you sink even more), and your dreams and pursuits.

Keep on going! Don’t be afraid of failure. Every time you fail is a new chance to recognize God’s power in your life to help you GET UP and keep moving!

Peace to all!


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