Entry#2: A Teacher, Father, Friend, Doctor, and Role Model

Well, Father’s Day is coming up soon…It is a somewhat confusing time for me. You see, I lost my father about nine years ago in 2009. If I said that I am completely healed from grieving his loss, I would be lying. If I said that I am still in the trenches about his loss, I would also be lying. I think I am somewhere in between extreme grief and total healing…where I am, I cannot tell.

What I know is that about two weeks ago, I was cleaning my room and I found a picture of my dad when he was teaching at a college.


Along with with the picture, I found some student reviews that he had kept. His students loved him! I haven’t had the heart to throw them away for over nine years.

Having sacrificed his position as a physician in our home country, he started his path in the US as a security guard. This was a great sacrifice on his part, but he never complained! I don’t remember him ever complaining about that! Somehow, as he began to search for a degree that was close to his, he stumbled upon surgical technology. He enrolled in a program as a student, but his instructors saw that he was so advanced…they made him a teacher! So, he became an instructor of surgical technology. This was a strange kind of intervention from God to allow my dad to do a job like teaching within his field. It was not clinical medicine, but it was at least close to what he loved.

Today, as I work one-on-one with my students in class and see their faces light up when they understand a difficult concept, I know that I am here for a purpose.

I am doing this work for a reason and I am beginning to understand this reason. My dad’s character and his love for the human body and his teaching inspired me. His sacrificial nature and his desire to put others ahead of him have always inspired me. After his death, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to live up to his standards. I have definitely failed many times, but I also learned over the years that failure is a must for learning and growing.

As I am writing this post, I am extremely tired and know that I will be as tired for the next two days – 8 weeks to x-number of years! Yet, I have a strange feeling of fulfillment and motivation. This “feels” right to put it in modern speak! We will see where the journey takes me…

Now you know a little bit about the man behind my inspiration for science and teaching.

Rest in peace, Dad. “Tomorrow, we will meet again.” Pray for me to be a good teacher.

Happy Father’s Day!


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