The Road Is Difficult

We were promised that in this life, we will have tribulations. But, what are tribulations? I don’t think that there is one answer to this question, because for each of us, tribulations can come in all different sizes and forms. Yet, the road of tribulations is the one that will lead us to heaven. The suffering that we experience here on earth is incomparable to the glory that we will experience in heaven.

What matters is that we are constantly aware that the road is difficult and requires active resistance. We cannot be passive about our salvation and relationship with God. We cannot be passive about being faithful in our service and our work. It takes a lot of resistance and alertness to the fact that the road IS difficult.

I went for a nice walk on the treadmill today at the gym, so I am going to use the treadmill as an example here…

Imagine that you are on a treadmill. Whether you set the speed to 0.5 miles/hour or 4 miles/hour, you have to WALK or even RUN! So, you have to be constantly aware that the treadmill will keep going whether you are walking/running or not. If you don’t want to injure yourself, you need to keep walking/running. If you stop, you will fall and likely have an injury. 1) Be aware that the machine is moving. 2) Move with it!

What matters is that we are constantly aware that the road is difficult and requires active resistance.


The same idea can apply to the difficulties of life. Difficulties will come to you, whether you want them or not. They will be there. If you haven’t already noticed, every time one problem ends a new one begins! Problems seem to have a magical power! Well…no, they don’t! They are our key to heaven because they define the narrow road for us. The thing that WE MUST REMEMBER is that they are actually there! I don’t mean to say that so we could worry; no, not at all. I say this so that we don’t let our guard down and so that we never stop relying on God and asking Him for help with each and every difficulty.

Sometimes, we face one difficulty, ask God for help, and then it gets resolved. Then, our guard goes down. We thank God for a day or two and then a new problem creeps up on us. We begin to get angry and whine…”why me?” “This is so hard.” “I cannot keep doing this over and over again…” “When is it going to end?” [well, it won’t as long as you are alive!] During this phase, we might forget that God is just one prayer (or even a tear) away. He is still there, but you have let your guard down. So now, you sit in frustration until another “aha” moment when you realize that you can ask God for help…well, because you finally feel completely helpless. Thank God that you got to that point of complete helplessness, because it helped you realize that you need to talk to God about your difficult.

If you don’t talk to the one who overcame the world with all its difficulties, how would you find a solution to your problem? The simple answer is that you won’t find a solution to your problem. Man-made solutions are usually feeble and temporary. They don’t bring peace.

Don’t let your guard down and never stop asking God for help with every single difficulty you face.


So, in the face of difficulties:

  1. Be aware that you are going through a difficult situation.
  2. Move with it! How? Resist it, pray to God for help, and do the work you need to do to help yourself. 

God is faithful to come to your help. You may not always be aware of His help, but He is always there.

Peace to all!


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