A Precious Offering

Have you ever thought about the quality of what you offer God in your life? Do you give Him big donations and showy offerings? Or do you give Him the equivalent of the two mites of the widow at the temple? Or do you give Him your most precious possessions as the Shulamite woman did in the Song of Songs?

Do you give God your best gifts?


If we recognize that God is our Maker, Father, Savior and Shepherd (and so much more!), we will want to offer Him the best of all we have in our lives. Perhaps for you this means time, money, effort, emotions, mental power, or something else. Whatever it is that you offer to God, it needs to come out from your precious and most treasured holdings!

God offered His Only Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, in order to save humanity. God did not withhold back from us His Most Precious Son! This is love.

So, why should we withhold from God what is most precious to us? Do we not love God?

How can you offer God your best and most precious possessions? By loving God and your neighbor as yourself – and by neighbor I don’t think He meant for us to search far away for people to love. If you were to look around you, in a 1 feet to 20 miles radius, you will find that you have a lot of work of love to do!

The two extra minutes that you spend with you child before they go to school instead of looking at your phone will become a precious offering…

The quick phone call or visit you will make to your aging parent to check on them will become a precious offering…

The efforts that you make to be a keeper of the peace within your family will become a precious offering…

The warm meal you prepare for your family everyday will become an offering…

Those moments when you forgive your angry co-worker for whatever it is he or she did this time will become an offering…

Simply living as a faithful Christian, despite all the powers of darkness that push you to do otherwise, will become an offering…

Eventually, everything you do in your life becomes an offering to God. 

Offer gems!
Offer God the gems of your life and never the leftovers!

In the Liturgy of St. Basil the Great, which we pray regularly in the Coptic Orthodox Church, there is a part (I am rephrasing) where we say that we are offering to God from what is already His, the Eucharist or the Body and Blood of Christ on the alter. So, whatever you strive to offer to God from your day, know that God already gave you the grace to give and accomplish this offering. You are not going to be missing anything after you give. Rather, you will be richer!

God will provide you with strength to give what is most precious to you, which will turn into blessings for you and those whom you serve around you. 

You really don’t need to stress yourself out about how you can offer your life to God. By simply being the best that you can be in your current situation in life, loving those closest to you (and frankly most accessible to you for love!), and always thanking God, you are already making daily offerings to God.

With love,


10 May 2018


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