The Joy of Sonship

Have you ever heard these phrases:

“Too good to be true…”

“I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop…”

“Nothing really changes around here…”

“Its all the same…”

“I never deserved it anyways…”

Maybe someone has told you that “you don’t know how to be happy.” Or…maybe you didn’t hear this before. I don’t know, but I heard it. I have been told that I don’t know how to be happy. I think that part of this had to do with me not being able to give thanks to God for what He provides for me. The other part of this is simply not believing that I am worth the gift, like I am not deserving so it must not be real or true. Somethings are happening in my life this very moment that are great! Yet, I am not able to fully appreciate their value and their meaning.

Gifts from God
Sometimes, we don’t know how to receive what we have or experience in life as gifts from God. But if we do, everything will change!

I wonder if this is because I don’t see the good that God sees in me; i.e. I don’t see Christ in me. Or perhaps it is because we, as Christians, are often taught that our treasure is in heaven, after we depart from this earth. So, we go on living our lives thinking, “nothing good could possibly happen to me here, because it is all meant to be stored for me in heaven.” It is true that our Lord Jesus Christ said that we need to store our treasure in heaven and set our minds on heaven. It is also true that He said that we will have tribulations in this world, but many times we forget that He also said that He overcame this world! For whom did God overcome this world? Is it not for us, His beloved children? Is it not for His Bride, His Church? Christ overcame all the tribulations for us.

Sadly, when we go through tribulations, we fall into to self-pity. This self-pity turns into rejection of God’s work in our lives, and we grow to see things in the wrong light. We see things that are meant to be blessings for us as curses. We ask “Why me?” “Why now?” “Will this ever change?” If only we can look at God as our caring and loving Father, we would be able to accept even the worst of situations as a blessing on our lives. Then, with this conviction that God cares about us and our salvation, we can go on to thank Him.

When we face tribulations, there is a very thin line between accepting our struggle as a gift from God for us to grow, love Him, and love others more AND accepting that our struggle is part of a game of chess that God is playing – as though He doesn’t care about us. In my opinion, the second kind of acceptance is the root of self-pity, because it doesn’t allow us to see ourselves as children, called to love God out of our free will. It is a type of acceptance that puts us in prison, like slaves.

In practicing our freedom as children of God, we need to have hope that God will provide the things that we need on this earth. He said so very plaining when He commanded us not to worry about tomorrow, what we will eat or what we will drink…He takes care of all of this and He provides these things in abundance. We must first seek His Kingdom, which is also inside of each of us…inside our hearts.

We must seek to know ourselves and in doing so we will know Christ and find the Kingdom of God!

God always carries us
God carries us with the same joy that a mother experiences when she carries her children. Even if a mother forgets her child, God never forgets.

I guess, then, I must learn how to be happy (more correctly, joyful…always!). The other shoe will not drop…it is too good and also true…maybe I don’t deserve it, but God knows it is for my salvation so I gotta accept the gift…there is change always happening inside of me, it is a transformation through renewal!

When God looks at me, which I believe He is doing constantly :), He sees His daughter. He says, “Maryan, I love you!” The trust that God loves me is the only thing that allows me to believe that whatever happens in my life is for my salvation…even my bad choices if I repent and confess them. The simple joy of being God’s child will allow me to look at life in the correct light, where I know that God will provide for me the needs I have now, on this earth, regardless of what people think, the obstacles in my way, or my lack of confidence in His love. 

With thanksgiving, we can see all the darkness as light. We can see all the tribulations as gifts. We can become joyful, always, as His children. We can pray, “God, help me!” and trust that He will, without hesitation. Do we know what is best for ourselves and our lives when we pray? No, because we don’t know the future. Does God guide us? Yes, but we need to be very close to Him, otherwise, we are just like a bad swimmer trying to make it to shore in the middle of a raging sea! If we are stuck to God, like with glue, we will get to shore much more easily than if we try to do so on our own. We are simply incapable to finding our way without Him, because He is the Way!

Christ is the Way
Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Way

I hope that my ramblings made sense and you found some benefit from today’s post. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to share them below or contact me directly. 

I recently heard this song on the radio and it really captures a lot of what I hoped to get across here, but way more succinctly! 🙂 Enjoy!

With love,


May 6, 2018


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