Help Him Help You

The minute you figure out all of who you are is a moment when you will have won a treasure!

Jesus found the Samaritan woman at the well and He helped her find herself. She found Jesus when she was searching for her own self. She tried on one man after another yet she was still an empty shell. She didn’t have herself, so God gave her her identity back as His precious daughter and He gave her Himself. She was no longer an empty shell but a true human being full of life and hope. She lived out her mission as an evangelist and later martyr, known to us as St. Photini.

St. Photini


–  brutal honestly and openness with yourself. 
–  taking time out of your busy day just to be.
–  being vulnerable with God in a new and honest way.
–  digging deep where it hurts the most.
–  cleaning up your life from all unwanted junk.
–  firm belief that you are worthy in the eyes of God because He loves you.
–  fight against all resistance until you find you, because this world has made it its job to make you forget who you are or to never even meet yourself.
–  get up when you fall, God will help you.


If we search for our identity, God is faithful to come to us to help us find ourselves and, in doing so, we will find Him. You will know that you found yourself and God when your love for others becomes unconditional. Understanding who you are truly in Christ will give you little need for human validation or need for human pity. You will be free from the bondage of needing to be loved unconditionally by man, you will be able to love yourself and other, and you will live out the unconditional love from God. 

When they tell you now you need to live in community, you can say “Yes, I will do so by offering that love I received from my Father, Jesus Christ.”

It is a life-long journey, but we need to start somewhere.


With love,


14 April 2018


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