The Neglected Seeds

The Neglected Seeds
A short story

There once was a dweller of the land. He had many great seeds at home. They were seeds for all kinds of fruits and vegetables. He looked at those seeds everyday and did nothing with them. The seeds looked back at him and wondered when he would ever plant them so they could make more seeds. For years, the man left those seeds sitting at home.

Because those seeds are sturdy, they lasted for a very long time. They were originally a gift from his father. On some rare occasions, he would pick up one or two and he would hold them and wonder if he would be able, with his own strength, to plant them and nourish them to create beautiful plants that produce fruit and more seeds. He felt that he had no strength nor will to care for the plants, so he put them down again and went on his way.

The funny thing is that this man worked as a farmer in the land of a very greedy and angry nobleman of the city. Everyday, our friend woke up, neglected his own seeds, his own family, and his own land, and he went to plant seeds and care for the land of the greedy nobleman. He liked the fame of working for the nobleman and did not want to let go of it, even if letting go of his position meant that he would grow life in his own backyard.


On one sunny day, our farmer friend expressed to his father how miserable he has been feeling while working for the greedy nobleman. His father urged him to care of his own goods and give them a chance to grow instead of tiring himself working for the greedy nobleman.

But the heart of the farmer was still lingering on to the fame and prestige he recieved at the house of the nobleman. He resisted to let go despite being so tired and unhappy all the time. At the same time, he resented everyone else around him who could grow beautiful fruits and vegetables because they planted their seeds.

Eventually, the farmer saw that the fame he had was not worth neglecting his own life at home. He decided to wake up the next day and, instead of going to farm at the land of the nobleman, he picked up his tools to begin tilling the soil so that he could plant his seeds. His father helped him. The seeds were finally happy that they were to bring fruit and more seeds. And, most importantly, the farmer man began to live out his purpose as a farmer to bring food and life to his family and his own home.

His father was pleased with him.

The End.


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