The Biggest Lie!

I think that the biggest lie that we believe about ourselves is that we are unloved or unwanted. Believe this lie, and you are on your way to losing your life or livelihood!

So, stop believing this lie! You are loved and you are wanted. God loves you and He wants to have a relationship with you no matter where you are in life right now. Did you sin? That’s why He died for you! Did you spend too much time away from Him? Well, He is standing at the door of your heart and is knocking, just open the door and let Him in. 

When Judah believed that Jesus no longer loved him, he took his own life. When the Israelites had little faith that God wanted them as His people and that He loved them and wanted to grant them freedom in the promise land, they began to complain about being saved from the people who oppressed them. Instead of being thankful they escaped death in Egypt, they complained. Not only did they complain, they complained to Moses and not to God, as if God was still just an imagined entity or one that was so far separated from them. Moses once responded to their complaints by basically saying that they need to talk to God about their problems and not him, since Moses wasn’t the one who brought them out of Egypt. God brought them out of Egypt. Yet, they still didn’t recognize this act of love and preferred to live under the oppression of the Egyptians. This was all because they didn’t see their value as human beings who are the created and treasured children of God. 

Then, it seems to me, that by not believing in how much God loves us and how much He values our relationship with Him, we begin to go down a path of self-destruction. We either resort to creating unhealthy relationships with people to find fulfillment or we begin to succumb to our addictive behaviors in order to feel some kind of pleasure. While our communion with God is meant to bring us love, joy, peace, etc (all the fruits of the Spirit), which are fulfilling and long-lasting things, we continue to disbelieve that we have been made worthy by the blood of Christ to receive these gifts of the Holy Spirit and enjoy our sonship to God.

I pray that we all come to see that we are precious, not for anything that we did, but because Jesus Christ loves us and He sent us His Holy Spirit to dwell in us.

With love,


2 May 2018


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